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Ottery Travel are ABTA registered independent travel and cruise specialists based in Ottery St Mary. Travel is personal and we believe that every customer needs to enjoy every part of their holiday including the booking process. This starts with discussing your trip with a personal one to one travel professional. The perfect place whether you are looking for a luxury getaway around the world or just short break away somewhere local, our focus has always been on providing our customers with a tailor-made experience. If it’s about choice… our office probably has more holiday  brochures in store than any other travel shop within the SW of England…  So, if there is any holiday you’ve seen on television or heard about on radio, we probably have their brochure in store. Continued from main page > 

Our philosophy is to be able to provide old school customer service ethics to helping customers book travel using modern technology available. 

If you want to experience the VR TRAVEL CONSOL, Give us 5 minutes and we’ll take you around the world… PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR THIS SERVICE

VR-ViewingOttery Travel is now able to offer customers a Virtual Experience for some of worlds locations. We are always looking at increasing our locations portfolio.  For example, the beauty of Iceland or Maldives etc…. Come an see why this place will take your breath away.  We don’t believe that any other travel company is currently offering this service. (May 2016)


What you may not currently know is that any good independent travel professionals can dissect any holiday package and reassemble it  to suit the holidaymaker. All packaged under the security of ATOL certificate. Your final agenda being a quality holiday that has been tailored around you. Besides, everyone knows that no two couples will ever have a similar personality.  So the question you’ll need to be asking is…   what’s stopping you discovering that competitive edge ! If you’re thinking about either a holiday, cruise, flight or even a get-away by rail, don’t be a stranger, we are looking forward to seeing you. Hear what various tour operators are saying about Ottery Travel

A door to door service ? What ever next…  Ever heard of a travel agent offering a door to door ticket delivery service before ? All customers of Ottery Travel that live within a 5 mile radius of our office can now have their travel documents personally delivered without charge directly to their door. The service is available to all our customers that may be unable for one reason or another, to re-visit our shop. This is an example of one of the ways in which we are able to bring a professional service direct to local customers. This also applies to travel paid for on-line.

We are a Member of ABTA which means you have the benefit of ABTA’s assistance and Code of Conduct. Watch the video below to find out more

ATOL PROTECTION All of our flight related holiday packages are fully bonded under an ATOL licence. An ATOL certificate will always be given to you alongside your travel documents. Please keep this certificate with your travel documents


Our role is to help you find the perfect retreat with “peace of mind searching facility”. We are fully bonded ABTA members and CLIA accredited operator. All your flight related travel packages will be ATOL protected

WHO OR WHAT IS WORLDCHOICE – UK’s largest national travel consortium for independent travel agents with over 800 members throughout the United Kingdom. The Worldchoice membership allows Ottery Travel to achieve a better buying power which in-turn means that all our customers get better value from their holiday…

For information on additional offers, there is a direct “LINKS” at the top of the page. Simply click on “Head Office Offers”

Get more      …at Ottery Travel,  Airport transfers, local excursions, car rental, travel insurance, issuing of boarding passes, pre-paid airport parking and also things like attraction tickets and gift experience vouchers for those looking for just fun based activities. We can also help you with National Express Bus and UK & European Rail ticketing.

Turning a MINUS in to a positive  – SEE BEYOND THE GLOSSY ADVERTISING – In order for many travel operators to be able to compete on-line for business, many have needed to alter packages discreetly by adding restrictions on to their quality and value. Having your private transfers being replaced with shared transfers. For example; what are the chances that your hotel is the last drop point on arrival and the first collection point on departure !

What’s making us the talk of the town…

(1) No additional charging for boarding pass print-outs prior to departure…

(2) Did you know that over 50% of travel related sales within the UK Travel Industry are  unregulated and many travellers now prefer to get holiday protection and unbiased advice without the frilly marketing mumbo jumbo.

(3) One customers that actually lost his passport whilst on holiday turned to us for help. as we kept a full record of their holiday including their passport details. So when replacements were needed whilst customers were abroad, we were there to help. One statement that has emerged since the internet explosion is  that: Good advice & support are priceless… “We believe that without a travel agent, many people are on their  own !” A great holiday deal need not result in compromising on quality and value.

Here’s why more and more are turning to Independent Travel Agents

1. Trust We know what goes in to creating the perfect holiday, its also about location. Its what we have been trained to do for all customers. We are often told that a 30 minute experience in front of an internet screen searching for holidays has left many to be totally confused.

2. Saving time Did you know that over 20% of travelers that challenge to book online actually put on average over 5 hours into planning? With that statistic, I find myself thinking, what if they got the full holiday experience they wanted? For many time is money and wasting 5 hours seems a little harsh for what it actually saves you. We all have busy lives; so why not leave it up to the specialists to plan your holiday and this way you get to enjoy your free time.

3. Expertise and first hand knowledge I understand that it’s fun to look at all the vacation options at first, then reality may sink in that you have never been to that certain resort nor have you even heard of it before. Our travel team have all had the opportunity to travel through the year learning first hand about various destinations and resorts as well as attending various training and visiting trade shows. Isn’t it a better feeling when your can hear about a resort or location from a well travel professional and about their first hand experiences.

4. Real person Often there are times when calling the mass travel websites, you’ll get an automated answering system that’s only too eager to charge £1.00 per minute for holding on or getting passed from person to person who you will never know. (Remember who’s paying the bill). We are all human, and know what it feels to finally get through, better still, a real person that is with you throughout your travel booking journey that listens to your needs, even face to face and then hands you a free quotation based purely on your specific needs. The value of visiting a travel specialist is that they aim to make your visit feel important and that you’re not just another someone. Also, if you should have any problems with your travels either prior to departure or when you return, then it’s all the more reassuring to know the person you have been dealing with from the start.

5. Travel Agents think of the whole package Before offering you a recommendation on any particular resort, a “good” travel agent will ask you questions that often relate to what you like and dislike from a holiday. Knowing many of the resorts and locations around the world,  he or she will start to think about how to make your trip more travel friendly rather than becoming a task.

Many good travel agents are trained to design bespoke fun travel experiences – Its what we do…  ….from the moment you call to discuss your holiday, for most of us, this is so important and it’s what makes it not just a transaction but the start of packaging an experience. These key points of interaction are where you build relationships and trust. It will make you proud to have a personal travel agent that’s on your side. Remember: it’s not just about getting the plane tickets.

6. Saving you money Many travel agents seldom charge a fee for any research and confirming your itinerary. The knowledge acquired by many travel professionals over several years is there to help you plan the perfect holiday.

YES ITS FREE… What a bonus. If you’re thinking about a holiday, then consider using us at Ottery Travel — We’re one agency that loves helping people plan and make the most from their experience.


Ottery Travel is part of the Fun Events Group

Your holiday, Your choice, Your Worldchoice !